We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Sep, 2010


John Travolta on Pizza

We're prepping upcoming episodes on pizza toppings and eating techniques. Among other things, we'll dive into the controversy over stacking and folding. Several Sporkful fans stand with John Travolta in... More


Oatmeal (Ep 38)

We tackle old fashioned vs. quick cooking vs. instant, steel cut vs. rolled, sweeteners and additions, and the most outlandish oatmeal creations from our listeners.   http://player.wizzard.tv/player/o/i/x/128572641110/config/k-606246fde1bd8def/uuid/root/episode/k-1992b6bc48f9addd.m4v   Photo: Flickr... More


Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda Leads Sporkful Listener on Mystical Journey

See the full gallery on Posterous We received this email, complete with pictures, from Joel in Tucson, AZ. It describes a pretty epic journey in pursuit of a pretty unknown... More


Discomforting Croissants

We've often explored the issue of croissants. But this video raises questions we're much too terrified to consider, with an insidious score. /mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elpAKTauZUw?wmode=transparent


Sporkful Returns to Public Radio

Today's our debut on The Madeleine Brand Show, a brand new program on Southern California Public Radio. It's the first in a series of food conversations we'll have with Madeleine.... More


Leak-Proof Tomatoes: Abomination or Advance?

When we talk about sandwich construction, we often talk about the problems that can be created by the moisture released by tomatoes. It can make layers of the sandwich slippery,... More


Cheap Office Lunch Ideas Needed

This email came to us from Elih in Ammon, Idaho. We address it in this week's podcast, but we also want your input. Any suggestions for Elih? The economy is... More


Ice Cream Toppings (Ep 37)

We debate the merits of toppings in general, as well as the pourables (hot fudge, caramel), the crunchables (sprinkles, candy, nuts), and all the others (whipped cream, cherries, etc). Plus,... More


Ice Cream Cake Debate Rages

A recent call-in episode where ice cream cake came up continues to spark debate. (I'll also point you to an earlier post on a musical exploration of the issue.) Mary writes... More


Outtake: Pouring Beer Into Cups

This exchange didn't make the cut in this week's episode on Beer Serving Techniques, but we're putting it here for your consumption.