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Sep, 2012


Grilled Sandwich Smackdown (AUDIO)

Dan talks to chefs and eaters at the Second Annual Brooklyn Grilled Sandwich Smackdown about what constitutes a grilled sandwich, the ethics of picking pieces of stray pork off a public serving tray with your hands, and general strategy at such events. More


The Sporkful is going biweekly. That means every other week.

The Sporkful podcast is going biweekly. And yes, I did look it up, biweekly means every other week, semi-weekly means twice a week. Now before you begin weeping uncontrollably, let me explain why this is a good thing. More


Tailgating Techniques for the Modern Grillsperson (AUDIO)

Mrs. Sporkful and Dan's mom make their Sporkful debuts, joined by food blogger Sarah Sprague, pastry chef Emily Vail, and others, all to discuss the art and science of tailgating. Taped in the parking lot of Giants Stadium! More


Come Eat Grilled Sandwiches with Me!

This Saturday I'll be the emcee for The Amazing Garden's Second Annual Best Grilled Sandwich Competition, a fundraiser for a true community garden in Brooklyn, featuring chefs from The Good Fork, Fort Reno, and Better Being Underground. More


Jesse Thorn on Burritos, Butchers & Broccoli (AUDIO)

The great Jesse Thorn of Bullseye and Maximum Fun joins us to offer his burrito philosophy, tell a story about a judgmental butcher, and generally put up with some rather absurd questions about his eating habits. More