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Canadian Sporkful Eater Stuns American Girl Scout Cookie Fans

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May 24, 2011

Since we were working on a Girl Scout Cookie video at the time, we brought a fistful of cookies to our New York meetup . Everyone there tried some and several of the American women attending shared their insight as past Scouts. But it was Camie, a Canadian, who exploded all of our worlds.

We get a fair amount of Canadian listeners, and we've done a Canada Day show and various stories about Canadian food. But we'd never realized until Camie showed us the light that in Canada (where they're known as Girl Guides), idealistic young women sell a cookie that appears to be light years ahead of the Thin Mint American Scouts offer. And as you learned from our extensive Girl Scout Cookie coverage, Thin Mints top the charts here every year.

I'm a Thin Mint fan and dying to try this Canadian version (Biscuits Chocolates A La Menthe in Quebec). In addition to the chocolate covered mint cookie beloved by Americans, the Northern version adds a layer of what appears to be some kind of mint cream. Thanks to Camie for coming out and opening our eyes to a topic worthy of future Sporkful investigation. /mark

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