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This fall, there’s a new apple coming. It’s been 20 years in the making, and its launch will be the biggest in apple history. We hear the story behind its conception and birth.

In this week's episode of Slate's Table to Farm podcast, Dan and co-host L.V. Anderson talk to a self-described "apple nerd," look at ways to get local apples, cook and eat an apple crisp, and play Apple Variety or New England Town.

Want to have fun cooking with your kids, and get them so high on sugar that they'll clean up the mess? If you're like me, you love s'mores. But after all these years of campfire greatness, I think they need some new ideas.

The Sporkful

Sporkful Eater Sam in DC heard our episode comparing apples and oranges and has something to say. We're glad that he understands the challenge and value of the task: Thank you for your bravery in addressing apples and oranges. To buck both cliche and society's collective opinion in this way reflects well on your verve and vigor

Foolish, fearful people have long said comparing apples and oranges couldn't be done. We revisit the episode where we proved them wrong, with help from our pal Win Rosenfeld. Photo: Flickr CC / thebusybrain

The Sporkful

Dan and Mark explore the best and worst foods for outdoor eating, including picnic lessons from Yogi Bear and Dan's mom. /mark     Photo: Flickr CC / 22244945@N00