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ask mimi

Ask Mimi: Relax And Keep Eating

Mimi Sheraton discusses the etiquette of free food samples and offers NPR host Ophira Eisenberg advice for dealing with her picky eater husband. Plus, Mimi's final words of wisdom for living and eating well.

Ask Mimi: On Sex and Eloping

Mimi Sheraton discusses sex and marriage, including the two times she eloped. Plus, pastry chef Jacques Torres debates the merits of frozen Milky Way bars.

Ask Mimi: How To Eat Alone

In part two of our special series Ask Mimi, legendary food critic Mimi Sheraton discusses being a working mother, eating alone, and mac and cheese. Plus Brendan Francis Newnam argues against brunch.

Ask Mimi: Mimi On Moms

In this special four-part series, legendary food writer Mimi Sheraton offers advice on food and life to callers and celebrity guests. This week: critical mothers, edible weed, and grandparenthood.

The Sporkful Presents: Ask Mimi

Mimi Sheraton has seen it all in her 92 years. Now the legendary food critic is offering advice on food and life in our new spinoff podcast, Ask Mimi!