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Win Your Picnic with the Toothpicnic (VIDEO)

Effective picnicking isn't as easy as it looks in the Williams Sonoma catalog, but The Toothpicnic technique will be your friend from steak to cake. More


Pretzel-Encrusted Chicken Nuggets with a Secret Ingredient (VIDEO)

We love pretzel buns, and the pretzel is the ideal mortar in any snack mix. But pretzels have other powers, including the ability to encrust other foods. Watch this video and you'll be encrusting your crusts. More


Good to Know Math: One Pound of Cheddar = Five Apps (VIDEO)

My friend Laurie challenged me to make five appetizers from a one-pound block of cheddar cheese in the latest installment of Good to Know. Spoiler alert: Mac and Cheese Pops. Watch! More

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The Ultimate Kids Table, and a Lesson in Cupcake Consumption (VIDEO)

Laurie March and I set out to create the ultimate kids table. The result is so awesome, it almost made me wish the kids didn't love it so much, so I could have a turn sitting there. Watch and share! More

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Classing Up Boxed Wine–As If That Was Even Possible (VIDEO)

Boxed wine is cool again! Or, for many of us, it continues to be cool. In this Good to Know video, Dan talks with Cooking Channel's Alie and Georgia about the advantages of this venerable vessel. More


Super Bowl Party Plan: Five Apps for $25 (VIDEO)

For my Cooking Channel series, co-host Laurie March challenged me to create five apps for under $25. Clearly I succeeded, or they wouldn't have posted the video. But how I got there is the fun part.  More


Cucumber Shot Glasses, Liquor Bottles in Ice, and Other Ways to Make P. Diddy Jealous (VIDEO)

Take your shindig to the next level by classing up your cocktail service. And don't be afraid to make frozen drinks in the winter. Seasons are just a construct, man. More


Signature Cocktails: The Best Way to Get Indecisive Guests to Drink Up (VIDEO)

Parties are more fun when people drink. But not everyone knows what they want. Enter signature cocktails. I talk with Cooking Channel's Classy Ladies, Alie and Georgia, about how to do it right. More


Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Leftovers in a Mason Jar (VIDEO)

Here's a great way to pack up Thanksgiving leftovers for your guests that will ensure that guests and bald eagles will be happy for generations to come.  More


Veggieducken in Full (VIDEO)

Here's a longer Veggieducken video that gets into more detail on the Veggieducken construction process.  More