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Waffle Toppings: Tell Us the Best Way

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Jun 01, 2010
The waffles depicted here may be loving, but they'll be more lovable adorned with toppings. Show your love for waffles everywhere by sharing your ideas for the best waffle toppings. We're prepping an episode and want to hear from you first. We have an appreciation for the classic toppings, but we're also interested in fresh ideas.

So tell us what you put on waffles, but also how you apply it and in what order you add toppings. Maybe you're just a butter and maple syrup purist. Fine, but which goes on first? And what slicing technique will you use once your waffle is perfectly topped? Or maybe your ideal technique isn't topping at all. Perhaps you prefer the dunk, or the dip and drag method. Whatever you know, spill it in the comments. Waffles love you, unconditionally. Return that ardor by telling the Sporkful world how to best love waffles back. /mark

Photo: Flickr CC / tristanf
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