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Waffle Toppings: Tell Us the Best Way

Posted on Jun 01, 2010
The waffles depicted here may be loving, but they'll be more lovable adorned with toppings. Show your love for waffles everywhere by sharing your ideas for the best waffle toppings. We're prepping an episode and want to hear from you first. We have an appreciation for the classic toppings, but we're also interested in fresh ideas.

So tell us what you put on waffles, but also how you apply it and in what order you add toppings. Maybe you're just a butter and maple syrup purist. Fine, but which goes on first? And what slicing technique will you use once your waffle is perfectly topped? Or maybe your ideal technique isn't topping at all. Perhaps you prefer the dunk, or the dip and drag method. Whatever you know, spill it in the comments. Waffles love you, unconditionally. Return that ardor by telling the Sporkful world how to best love waffles back. /mark

Photo: Flickr CC / tristanf
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jfkwelajfkls says:


bisexual-xxx says:
A.E. says:


A.E. says:

my fav are mango slicebliss

SF says:

After suffering from an INTENSE chocolate craving yesterday, I got inspired to create a new waffle topping. While the waffle was still warm and moist, I sprinkled just a little bit of hot chocolate powder mix on top. I'm planning on adding peanut butter next time too!

Thea says:

My go-to is a delicious mid-fat vanilla yogurt, sliced strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or kiwis, a swirl of liquid honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon. So delicious.

Michele says:

When I was in high school, my friend Beth used to regularly spend the night on Saturday (no curfew = most popular sleepover house) followed by a late morning (11 am-ish...ahhh, the sleeping habits of teens...) waffle feast. Admittedly, we used Bisquik, sour, baking powder aftertaste and all, but this was the pre-Food Network shame of boxed baking mixes.... Our favorite: peanut butter, oozing into the holes, topped by Breyer's ice cream (Graeter's was reserved for unadulterated late-night enjoyment). The seasonal specialty: ice cream topped with fresh peaches, sprinkled with granola. Oh, and we each consumed at least two full servings from our huge double waffle maker. I miss my teenage metabolism.

Genna says:

90% of the time, good (amber/medium) maple syrup +butter. Butter first. sometimes...here's a weird one..cream cheese + good sour cherry preserves. yum!

Spence says:

I used to work at a place that had a sunday brunch with a waffle bar. The Surprise favorite of mine was butter, maple syrup and then a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Maple and chocolate are amazing together.

Kieran says:

Mix crumbled bacon into the waffle batter and then eat with fried eggs and maple syrup. Possibly the best combination of breakfast foods possible.

Clay says:

If they're regular waffles butter and pure maple syrup and necessary. The butter goes down first while the waffle is hot so it melts and creates a fat barrier to keep the syrup in the waffle "cups." The maple syrup has to be the real stuff and light. I'll let you research why some syrup is dark and some is light to find out why.If the waffles are Belgian Nutella and whipped cream are the way to go. Sometimes I'll throw some candied almond pieces on to add texture.As for eating method, put waffle on fork, open mouth, insert waffle.

Kevin West says:

In college I would make Belgian waffles in the cafeteria. If I was really on the go, I would fill a bowl with hot maple syrup AND then top the syrup with a little whipped butter. A thin layer of melted butter would form on the surface of the hot syrup, insuring that each dipped bite received both flavors. Healthy? No, but I was able to sleep in an extra 63 seconds as a result of not having to butter a waffle.

Mooflower says:

Sliced banana and crumbled bacon. Maple syrup, of course.

steeb2er says:

Similar to Betsy, I put a thin layer of peanut butter on HOT waffles (it melts the pb) and top with syrup. It's almost guaranteed diabetes, and can be a little rich, but it's so damn good.If I go the pb/s route, I usually try to balance it out by topping my next waffle with natural applesauce. You have to eat it quickly or the waffle goes soft, but the bright flavor and cool temperature helps contrast the waffle a bit.

bkkmojoman says:

On my side of the world, this is what I like:1- Smeared with kaya, a coconut, egg and palm sugar based custardy/jammy spread common in SE Asia, with a sprinkling of freshly grated, toasted, unsweetened coconut shavings...no butter necessary as when the kaya melts, it leaves an unctuous penetration of coconut oil...smooth and crunchy, together2- Slathered with butter, then sprinkled with a mixture of finely chopped roasted, unsalted peanuts mixed with a bit of even more finely ground palm sugar...2:1 peanuts to sugar ratio, with some toasted black sesame seeds thrown in for good measure...crunchy satisfaction with this3- Layered with thinly sliced bananas that have first been sauted with butter, touch of coconut cream, squeeze of lime juice, and splash of cognac...then topped with real whipped cream that's been lightly sweetened with palm sugar, and flavored with lime zest...like eating dessert for breakfastYummmmm...

elfreda Chan says:

i just had this conversation with a friend today... in Hong Kong, you used to be able to get waffles from street vendors with peanut butter, butter, and sugar on top... you'd then fold it and eat it out of a brown paper bag... IT WAS AWESOME!!! (not sure if this is still available these days, what with all the hygiene crackdowns...)

Anonymous says:

I agree on the butter first, syrup second stuff that has already been said, especially if it's warm maple syrup.One treat that I'm especially fond of is nutella on waffles. The key is to spread it on while the waffle is still very warm. This melts the nutella and makes it delightfully gooey and spreadable, allowing for a more even distribution of the chocolately goodness. It also makes sure you can put a little less on, so as to not overwhelm the flavor of the waffle.

Betsy says:

For a non-breakfast treat I like to smear peanut butter on a waffle, then drizzle it with chocolate syrup. Seriously delicious stuff.

Sarah Raff says:

my mom's apple pie filling. YUM!

The Sporkful says:

JBench, that's real ingenuity. Can't wait to try it. /mark

JBench says:

When you're making the waffle, put a couple of thin slices of slightly cooked bacon IN THE BATTER ON THE IRON. The waffle will cook itself up, around and over the bacon, making a bacon surprise within the waffle. The bacon grease will flavor the waffle by being absorbed as the waffle cooks. You need no topping at all with this technique. I think I just blew your mind.

David Wiley says:

Butter and syrup in that order. The butter won't adhere or melt properly if the waffle is syrupped first. As to syrup, the choices are boundless. I always have maple around of course. I also have a supply of golden syrup which I warm slightly in the microwave and poor over the waffle. My favorite, however, is a fresh fruit syrup with whatever comes to hand. I've done all the typical berries, plus kiwi, and lemon, but my new favorite is cranberry syrup with just enough sweetness to cut the bite, but not so much that the cranberry tang is lost. We can only get whole cranberries here around Thanksgiving so last year I bought five pounds and froze them. It just might be enough.The problem with my fruit syrup fixation is that it is not commonly available in restaurants. This is probably why I eat most of my waffles at home.

suzi says:

for breakfast, in spite of being canadian... or perhaps because of it, i wholeheartedly dislike maple syrup. after butter on my waffles, for me, it is all about the corn syrup, particularly warmed up a bit.if not that, then strawberries, whipped cream, with a bit of homemade strawberry jam to add another texture. pure heaven.

Adam Gerard says:

I tend to stick with just butter and then maple syrup (added in that order). I love the soft whipped butter that you get at most waffle/pancake-focused restaurants, but really any butter will do on a hot waffle. It's good to get even coverage, but sometimes it's also nice to take a bite and find a pool of butter waiting for you in one of those waffle squares.As a kid I would slice up my waffle into bite sizes before adding the syrup to make sure I had every piece covered in syrup (and then, when done with the waffle, I would lick the plate of the pool of syrup left behind). But I was recently introduced to the dipping method, which really allows for perfect syrup coverage on each bite. So when I'm at home I'll heat up some maple syrup in a small bowl for dipping that sits next to my plate This is now my ideal.Anything else on my waffles is too much. Either too rich or just fills me up too much since waffles are already quite a filling meal.

laxdude says:

Butter is the best base, sometimes I leave it there but typically I alternate between a good blueberry syrup and a *real* maple syrup - none of the fake crap. This is assuming you are talking about the above pictured breakfast size hole waffle.If you are talking Belgian style waffles, I know it sounds odd, but honey dew melon pieces and whipped cream.If you are not talking about breakfast waffles, I understand some even put chicken on them, I understand his name is Rosco.