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Wash Me In The Water–Of Pumpkin Spice

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Oct 18, 2014

As an American there are two things I love—sugar and artificial scarcity.

In a piece for Vanity Fair, I ask the question that I'm sure has been on your mind too: "Why are there so few food products out there containing pumpkin spice?

One company tested pumpkin-spice foie-gras mashed potatoes and came to the unbelievable conclusion that people might not want to eat that. (Good luck explaining that move to shareholders, fellas.) Sure, it’s great that Philadelphia introduced pumpkin-spice cream cheese. But why would you only add the aromatic goodness of pumpkin spice to plain cream cheese? Why not the scallion variety? What could go wrong?

Read the whole piece here. And for more on this topic, see Julie Zwillich's recent review of new Halloween candies.

Photos: Flickr CC / Mike Mozart

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