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Announcing You’re Eating It Wrong: The TV Show!

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Oct 21, 2015

As you may know, I host a Cooking Channel web series called You're Eating It Wrong (just renewed for a third season--woot!). But did you know that You're Eating It Wrong might become a real live TV show?

It's true.

We made one pilot episode in which I interview a rocket scientist about how to dip a tortilla chip to get maximum guac without breaking your chip, among other topics. If enough people watch this pilot, You're Eating It Wrong will become an actual TV show, just like Mad Men and Storage Wars: Boise. Here's when it airs:

Fri 10/23 at 9:30p and 1:30a (PREMIERE)
Sun 10/25 at 4p
Sun 11/1 at 11p and 3a
Mon 11/2 at 8:30p and 12:30a
Thurs 11/5 at 11:30p and 3:30a

All times are EASTERN. The super late times are for prime time on the west coast.

Find Cooking Channel in your area here.

Please watch You're Eating It Wrong early and often. Upon fourth or fifth viewing, you'll really start to appreciate the show's deeper meaning. Just like Storage Wars.

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