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How to Eat Watermelon Wedges Without Messing Your Face

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Jul 23, 2013

In last week's Summer Special podcast on buns and watermelon, I expressed my concern that while watermelon wedges are easy to pick up, it's hard to eat them without getting watermelon all over your face.

In response, Eater Andy writes:

At a recent family get-together I noticed my mother-in-law served watermelon, in wedge form. But rather than leaving the large wedge you complained of, she trimmed each wedge into several smaller wedges, about two inches wide at the base, small enough for even a child to handle one-handed, and small enough that a child's mouth could easily consume it without any unfortunate juice-face incidents.

Also, it allowed the watermelon to be arranged so that each piece stood vertically with the rind on the table, which allowed for an easily takeable fingerfood that could be placed on any surface.

That makes a lot of sense, and I especially like that it stands up on the rind this way. I'm sure that's not only convenient, but also cool looking.

Photo: Flickr CC / Riley Kaminer

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