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Summertime Two-fer: Buns and Watermelon (AUDIO)

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Jul 16, 2013
Summertime Two-fer: Buns and Watermelon (AUDIO)

What are the ideal ratios of burger and dog to bun? If grilling is happening, is there a bun toasting imperative, or is steaming superior?

Plus, should buns be served at room temperature, a.k.a. the "Temperature of Life?", and what's the ideal serving temperature of watermelon -- cold or very cold? And which watermelon shape is best and why, and what's wrong with vodka-soaked watermelon?

We pull two classic episodes of The Sporkful out of the archives, both featuring our old compatriot Mark Garrison, and pair them together for your summertime listening pleasure.

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Photos: Flickr CC / jeffreyw (buns) and Kirti Poddar (watermelon)

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