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Inside the Olympics of Bread Baking

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Oct 10, 2019

To love making bread as much as Jeff Yankellow does, "you have to be crazy," he says. Jeff's official title at King Arthur Flour is Regional Sales Manager, but we like to think of him as the Chief Flour Nerd. He joins us this week to tell the story of the time he competed for the bread world's biggest prize, to answer listener questions about baking, and to explain why the flour you choose matters.

This entire special mini episode is sponsored by King Arthur Flour, a 100% employee-owned baking company. Visit to get recipes and discounts on ingredients and baking gear. Right now there’s an extra 25% off their Ridiculously Easy No-Knead Sticky Buns Recipe Bundle and the Carmelized Onion and Brie Pizza Recipe Bundle, both of which come with the ingredients, the recipe, and even a really nice pan. Check it all out!

And if you have a baking question for Jeff and the other flour nerds at King Arthur Flour, contact their Baker's Hotline.

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