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Two Culinary Innovators Join Junior Eaters Society

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Sep 07, 2015
Two Culinary Innovators Join Junior Eaters Society

Nine-year-old Josie from Seattle has a revolutionary new dish for you: chili with milk. You can hear Josie in this week's episode of The Sporkful, where she explains:

"I think it is almost exactly like sour cream and chili, but my Mom and Dad think it's disgusting."

Josie (below), who adds that chili-milk goes well with chips, joined The Sporkful Junior Eaters Society as its newest President.


Along with Josie, two-year-old Cole from New Jersey (top photo) also was inducted as President of the Society. Cole loves everything from matzo brei to pasta and cheeseburgers. His father Stephen notes that Cole's tastes blend two very different -- and passionate -- food cultures: Jewish and Italian.

"He is our little 'pizza bagel,'" says Stephen. "Cole would make a great President."

Let's welcome these two adventurous new Eaters into the Sporkful Junior Eaters Society (SJES) -- where all members are presidents.

If your child would like to be a president of the Sporkful Junior Eaters Society, email a picture or scan of a drawing, video, or any sort of visual evidence of his/her passion for eating and/or The Sporkful to dan [at] sporkful [dot] com.

Photos: FlickrCC/JaBB and courtesy of Stephen Musnikow.

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