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The Secret to Making Great Bread? It’s All In the Hands (AUDIO)

One of Wonder Bread's first slogans was, "Untouched by human hands." But baker Amy Scherber says using hands is the key. We discuss how we got from there to here, and Amy offers a great focaccia recipe.

Call In Smorgasbord: Homp Homp Eating (Ep 107)

A listener wants to debate whether it's better to combine foods on the fork or in your mouth, a couple disagrees over the correct name for the end of a loaf of bread, and a woman recounts the tale of a Thanksgiving gone awry when an argument broke out over the nature of pesto. Photo: Flickr CC / ttstam

Behold the Chip Buddy

Part of our vision for The Sporkful has always been to create a clearinghouse for innovations in the field of eating. Some day we hope to bring all this collective knowledge together to found Sporkful University, motto: Ruminate, Masticate, Promulgate.  With these lofty aspirations, you can imagine that it's especially fulfilling when we get emails like the one we received recently

The Sporkful

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2qxhWmdIrs?wmode=transparent Our next episode is on BLTs. We examine the ingredients and construction and explain which ingredient is most like Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects. Sculptor Claes Oldenburg comes up too. That's his work "Giant BLT" in the video here. Interestingly, the sculpture comes in several parts, so whenever it's installed for display, the curator must make a BLT sandwich,

Smoked Fish: The View from Your Laptop

Cameron enjoys some open-faced smoked kahawai sandwiches. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have this when I was in New Zealand with my wife, but only because there was so much out of this world good food there (Australia too) that we didn't have time to try it all. /mark

Joys of German Bread Engineering

On one of my first visits to Germany, I stayed with friends who asked if I wanted bread, just a little afternoon snack. I never turn down food, so naturally I said sure. I was blown away with what awaited me at the table. Multiple kinds of bread and pastries, some toasted. There was an array of preserves, meats, cheeses,