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New Year’s Food Resolutions 2018

Sporkful listeners and Dan reveal what food they resolve to eat more of in the new year -- and why. Plus we replay one of our favorite shows from 2017.

This Is Your Brain On Cheesesteak

We feast on Philly's most iconic foods, then bring samples to a scientist to find out what makes greasy treats like cheesesteak and scrapple so irresistible.

Food Science Smackdown: The Food Lab vs. The Sporkful

Serious Eats food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt challenges some of Dan's eating innovations, then Sporkful listeners challenge Kenji with their own questions. Can The Sporkful stump Kenji?

Calls: What Should Be The Last Cheese On Earth?

Adam and Jonathan in L.A. call in to debate a dystopian future with only one cheese, and Erica in Illinois asks when a grilled cheese has so many fillings, it's no longer a grilled cheese.

Grilled Egg and Cheese, The Sporkful Way

I like my egg and cheese sandwiches with the eggs scrambled. But when you make scrambled eggs the traditional way, they all fall out of the sandwich. Here's how to make the perfect scrambled (and grilled) egg and cheese sandwich.

This Is Your Brain On Cheesesteak

I run around Philly eating the city's most iconic foods, then bring samples to a scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center to learn why greasy treats like scrapple and cheesesteak are so good.