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Why Actors Never Actually Eat In Movies

We are talking about our favorite food movies, and giving film recommendations, with Kristen Meinzer and Rafer Guzman, hosts of Movie Therapy.

Live: The Chef Who Hid Her Restaurant From Her Family

Ann Kim’s parents disowned her for becoming an actor. When she switched dreams, she didn’t tell them. When she opened her first restaurant, crowds came, then awards came. But would her parents?

The Pasta That Won Obama Re-Election

Sam Kass shares stories of his time as the Obama family’s chef -- cooking on Air Force One, smuggling special ingredients in to the White House, and creating a dish that came to be known as 'lucky pasta'.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor

We follow a firefighter who moonlights as an upscale chef as he attempts to get lunch on the table at the firehouse on time. But can he get his crew mates to eat kale?