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David Chang Wishes He Was Normal

For David Chang, every restaurant he opens feels like life or death. That mentality is a major reason why he’s one of the biggest figures in the restaurant world today. He combines highbrow and lowbrow, mashing cuisines together to create dishes that aren’t fusions — they’re collisions. If you know him from TV, you probably think of him as an

Why Hibachi Is Complicated

We look at the skill it takes to be a great hibachi chef, and what happens when the performance becomes problematic.

Eater Michael On Preserving Crisp In Japanese Foods

An Eater responds to one of the homework assignments in my book with a big concern and great solution.

Okonomiyaki: Six Syllables of Awesome

See the full gallery on Posterous (Before we talk about Japan's food, here's a list of organizations accepting donations for disaster relief.) My recent trip to Japan was a work trip, but I made time to explore and support the excellent culinary community there. It wasn't hard to find deliciousness, especially with all the great suggestions you left in the blog

The Sporkful

Here's an email from Patrick in Okinawa, Japan... My girlfriend and I were catching up on the last few shows this morning while making pancakes. She was intently listening to the "Beer Serving Techniques" episode while whipping up the batter. I went into the bathroom to shave and heard the sound of a carbonated beverage can opening up. I live in Okinawa,

Japanese Hot Dogs Arrive Stateside

Japadog is coming to the U.S., and the enthusiasm with which their menu is written is enough to sell me on several of the offerings, although the Okonomi looks like the clear winner to these hungry eyes. What would you order, and why? Link: (via Buzzfeed). More great pics of Japanese hot dogs here. /dp