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Pati Jinich Can Read Your Fridge Like A Tarot Card

The TV host and cookbook writer has documented the food cultures in Mexico for years. In her new docu-series about the border, she gets political, and personal.

The Rice Cooker That Changed Jake Cohen’s Life

The author of "Jew-ish: Reinvented Recipes From A Modern Mensch" translates old-school Jewish recipes for the TikTok age.

Shabbat Dinner at Wendy’s

Dan travels to Palm Desert, California, to ring in the Jewish sabbath with a group of seniors at the fast food chain Wendy’s.

A Southern Baptist Matzoh Maker On The Science And Religion Of Matzoh

I talk to a Southern Baptist matzoh expert about the science of matzoh and a rabbi about the religion of these excellent crackers. Whether you celebrate Passover or not, this episode is for you!

8 Miraculously Innovative Ways To Use Latkes On Hanukkah

Get the most bang out of Latke Season with the Hanukkah Miracle Sandwich, an oil-rich donut-latke leviathan. Plus 7 more latke breakthroughs.

Marc Maron Talks Hamentaschen in a Classic Sporkful Moment

I brought Maron a couple of hamentaschen, one of which my wife had made (and deemed a bad batch) and one of which I didn't cook. Listen to his priceless reaction.