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For decades McDonald’s has been a community hub and pathway into business for many Black Americans. But it’s also been a tool for those seeking to preserve segregation

Caterer-to-the-stars Mary Giuliani talks about what it's really like behind the scenes of the glamorous parties she caters, and her love for pigs in a blanket.

Comedian Tim Dillon and Dan go out for lunch in Tim's home town on Long Island. Tim talks about why the seafood he grew up with is so important to him, and why rich people don't care about food.

Richard Blais started his culinary career "hiding" in the kitchen at McDonald's. Now he's a regular on cooking TV shows. But he had to relearn everything he knew about cooking to make it on TV.

The TV host's Afro-Cuban mom and Irish-Australian dad got married when interracial marriage was still illegal in much of the US. She tells us how different cultures came together on the dinner table.