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A Very Halal Valentine’s Day with Taz Ahmed

For Valentine's Day, Dan eats barbecue and talks about love with writer, activist, and podcaster Taz Ahmed.

“No Murder, Yes Pork Chops,” Says Comic Negin Farsad

The Iranian-American Muslim comedian says everything is negotiable -- even religious law. Plus, the former policy advisor uses her lamb kebab to school us on campaign finance reform.

Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj Says Life Is Like Biryani

The comedian finds deep meaning in his favorite cereal and lives the same way he eats his biryani -- pulling out the good bits and pushing the weird stuff to the side.

Kumail Nanjiani Already Had The Best Taco Of His Life

The actor and comic says different people should mix but the foods on his plate should not. Plus he explains why all Islamophobes should be forced to try Pakistani food.

A Very Halal Valentine’s with Taz Ahmed

The co-host of Good Muslim Bad Muslim tells us how to share food without killing the romance, and why she wishes guys she dates would stop trying to out-Muslim her.

Breaking The Ramadan Fast In A Cab At 50 MPH

I fill a New York City taxi full of food and take it to JFK Airport at sundown to break the Ramadan fast with Muslim cab drivers. What could go wrong?