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The former presidential candidate and HUD secretary talks about hunger policy, the Goya boycott, and the politics of sharing nachos.

Football announcer Howard Cosell played an unlikely role in popularizing nachos, as we hear when Dan sits down with his friend Mike Pesca, host of The Gist podcast. And Mike rants about restaurants.

In this Sporkful we take your calls! Rhonda in Memphis rants against nacho cheese, Cindy in Portland needs help reheating cinnamon rolls, and Chris and Renee in Berkeley argue about string cheese.

Like society, nacho consumption can get messy. With help from Thomas Farley (a.k.a. Mr. Manners), I present three rules of nacho etiquette and a technique that’ll help us all eat in harmony.

In the first ever Sporkful with a live audience, Dan talks to Lee Frank of Nachos NY, Laura Anderson of Slate, and Chris Salgado of Chris's Awesome Guacamole. Voices are raised. Passions are inflamed.

A discussion with a structural engineer about tortilla chips and the wonders of domes leads Dan to a Cinco de Mayo breakthrough.