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As syrup flows down a pancake stack, the bottom pancake turns to mush. Build a bacon lattice Porklift to elevate the stack and imbue your bacon with syrup. It's easier than it sounds. Watch the video!

We're re-launching our "View from Your Laptop" series with a new name: The View From Your Kitchen. Here Eater Tia in Philly shares a photo and explanation of her "Cheese + 3" omelet.

Following up on last week's omelet show, we tackle the ingredients of omelets (or omelettes if you prefer). How many should you use? What are the best choices and combos? We discuss all that and more. Photo: Flickr CC / sketch22

However you want to spell it, this week we're talking omelets in the first of a two-part series. You'll hear Mark and Dan's secret omelet past and strong opinions against egg white omelets and so-called omelet pans. Photo: Flickr CC / nazareth_college