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He talks about his favorite children's books about food, his PB&J peculiarities, and Sir Patrick Stewart’s weird lunches on the set of Star Trek.

The longtime Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek star talks about the power of food memories and the art of PB&J. Plus he performs dramatic readings of recipes.

Dan meets someone as obsessed with sandwich engineering as he is. They argue about peanut butter and jelly, then Dan unveils his new sandwich---the PBB&J. Watch to find out what the extra "B" is for.

Here's video of our appearance on The Takeaway, where we created competing peanut butter sandwiches that included orange liqueur and espresso

The Sporkful

If you missed our peanut butter sandwich showdown on The Takeaway, not to worry. The full segment and our recipes are now online. While you're there, feel free to leave comments on which sandwich YOU think is best, or just general thoughts on the awesomeness and wisdom of the entire Sporkful community. New to The Sporkful and want to hear more?

We'll be on the public radio morning show The Takeaway Wednesday talking about reinventing the PB&J. As you know, it's something we've given some thought to. We're both perfecting secret recipes for unusual peanut butter sandwiches (jelly not required) and they'll go head-to-head in the interview. Right now, cruise over to their site and fill their comments page with your PB&J wisdom.