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Junior Eaters Justin and Julia cut their cheddar cubes into smaller pieces to increase the surface area, an idea they got from The Sporkful. Their father is proud. So is America.

As part of this week's show on War Zone Eating, I ate three Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). Here are some photos of the food and the nutritional info, as well as some of my thoughts on each dish.

Robert Smith from NPR's Planet Money discusses "The Golden Mean of Fried Foods," travels with Dan to Queens for Korean fried chicken, and teaches him the art of eating on mic without grossing people out.

Here's the complete recipe for the Veggieducken, along with some glorious still images suitable for framing.

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new website: Burritos + Sailboats. As explained on this week's Sporkful and on the site's About page, "This site is devoted to enthusiasts of burrito and sailboat photography. Not burrito OR sailboat photography." I was as shocked as you are to find that such a site does not already exist. Burritos and sailboats belong together, because

See the full gallery on Posterous When we did a show on Onion Rings in September, Mark and I agreed that most onion rings have too much batter, and that the best onion rings have only a light coating that adds crispy fried goodness, without overshadowing the onion. During this conversation I firmly stated, "An onion ring should