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How do you get an indecisive group to go to your preferred restaurant? Is pizza a type of flatbread? And if friends say your salsa’s too spicy, should you make milder salsa or get spicier friends?

I don't love spicy foods, but one young eater wants to win me over. He serves as my hot sauce personal trainer, whipping me into shape as we work our way from the mild stuff to sauce labelled "XXX".

Dan wants to get more into hot sauce, but he needs a personal trainer of sorts to whip him into shape. In this episode 11-year-old Nathaniel, a president of the Junior Eaters Society, proves he's the man for the job.

In next week's episode of The Sporkful, Dan gets schooled in hot sauce by the founding president of The Sporkful Junior Eaters Society, Nathaniel Goodyear. Here are some pics from the taping!

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