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Cara Nicoletti comes from a long line of butchers, but her grandfather didn’t want her to follow in his footsteps. So she spent ten years developing a sausage that he would never have imagined.

Chicago Tribune food writer Kevin Pang reveals his top ten favorite sausages, from Chinese lap cheong to Lil' Smokies. Plus we debate whether hot dogs are a type of sausage.

In next week's episode of The Sporkful, Dan gets schooled in hot sauce by the founding president of The Sporkful Junior Eaters Society, Nathaniel Goodyear. Here are some pics from the taping!

I joined Dan from Germany during Oktoberfest for our latest appearance on Madeleine Brand's show, talking beer and sausage. As I say often, there's a lot more to German food and drink culture than these two things. And there's a lot more to Germany than Munich, the theme of my recent Slate article on great beers beyond Oktoberfest. But sausage,

Sporkful Eater Adam in Bellingham, Washington has more fresh greens than he can handle from the garden, so he's deploying them in innovative ways, with cheese hot dogs and sausage. Here's what he learned: I've found that chard doesn't have enough bite to compete with the overpowering flavor of hot dogs. On the other hand, even kale can't match the power

Mark is in Germany for two months, so this week we present the first of two transatlantic Sporkfuls, in which Mark reports on techniques that Germans are testing in their attempts to eat more better. This includes a method that allows you to grill string beans, a behavior and state of mind known as grillen und chillen, and a disturbing