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How Did Staying Hydrated Become A Thing?

After years of savvy marketing from big brands, “staying hydrated” has become a wellness cure-all. But the science doesn’t exactly match the marketing.

To Cook On TV, Forget How To Cook (with Chef Richard Blais)

Richard Blais started his culinary career "hiding" in the kitchen at McDonald's. Now he's a regular on cooking TV shows. But he had to relearn everything he knew about cooking to make it on TV.

True Confessions Of A Ballpark Food Vendor

What's the worst gig in the ballpark? What's the best way to eat peanuts in the shell? We explore famous baseball foods with a former Shea Stadium food vendor and a North Carolina peanut man.

The Sporkful

We're putting together two audio episodes and a video on Girl Scout Cookies. As we mentioned, we got our large batch of cookies from Cassie, daughter of our fellow NPR Bryant Park Project alum Tricia McKinney. We talked to both of them and you'll hear their take on cookies soon. But we also talked about March Madness with Cassie. Back