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the chew

When the TV chef started her food career, she turned her back on the food she grew up with. Her journey back includes false starts, U-turns, and a mail truck full of sandwiches.

In our network TV debut, we take over the fryolator at Chip Shop in Brooklyn for a segment on ABC's The Chew, for a segment called "Deep Fry or Goodbye." It didn't break the fryolator, but it will break your brain.

Today we make our network TV debut on ABC's The Chew. We came up with some ridiculous deep fried creations, including deep fried hot dogs wrapped in Twinkies, deep fried bagel and lox, and more.

See the full gallery on Posterous We fried up a number of novel concoctions for our debut on ABC's The Chew today. We cooked seven dishes, five of which made the show. Here's a guide to the above photos, including pics of the dishes that made it into our bellies, but not onto the air:1. In the kitchen of Chip Shop