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The OTHER Philly Sandwich

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Mar 28, 2010


Our next episode is on cheesesteaks. I love that sandwich and the best ones I've had were in Philadelphia. But it's actually only my second favorite sandwich from that city. The true champ is the roast pork sandwich. Broccoli rabe and provolone join the swine with amazing results. The bitterness of the greens is a nice foil for the pig's richness. Just like Rocky Balboa, the roast pork sandwich ultimately defeats a far more famous opponent with technique, perseverance and grit.

Serious Eats maps out Philly's roast pork scene. Watch for more on the roast pork sandwich in a future Sporkful episode. We'll pit it against the Cuban, Carolina-style pulled pork and others to see which is the best marriage of pig and bread. /mg

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons / scaredy_kat

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