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Help Send The Sporkful to South by Southwest!

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Aug 22, 2013

I've proposed a presentation for the prestigious South By Southwest Interactive conference entitled, "From Cupcake to Cronut: Deconstructing Food Memes."

My friend (and past Sporkful guest) L.V. Anderson of Slate and I want to talk about why food memes are different from other memes, what impact they have on what actually ends up in our mouths, and whether they really have any merit at all.

Doesn't the world need answers to these questions? We think so. The thing is, we can't provide them unless our panel gets accepted. That's where you come in. Please vote for our panel

You'll need to set up a login, which I know is a pain, but it really just takes a few seconds, and you'll be helping spread the gospel of The Sporkful. So please vote for our presentation now, and tell your friends too. Thank you!

Photo: Flickr CC / StuSeeger

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