We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Valentine’s Dinner Recipes: Candy-Crusted Chicken, Box of Chocolates Mole Sauce, and More (VIDEO)

Dan experiments with novel meals to cook for your loved one this Valentine's Day. This is the most beautifully romantic video ever posted to the internet. More


Should You Apologize for Ordering a Chocolate Muffin? (AUDIO)

Eater Matt from Chicago calls in to say that he offers a disclaimer when ordering a chocolate muffin, to distinguish it from a cupcake and "add a veneer of respectability." Do you think that's necessary? More

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Make Your Own S’Mores Bar with Bacon, Peanut Butter, Apples and More (VIDEO)

Want to have fun cooking with your kids, and get them so high on sugar that they'll clean up the mess? If you're like me, you love s'mores. But after all these years of campfire greatness, I think they need some new ideas. More


Trick-or-Treating for Grownups, Candy Corn in Bed and More (AUDIO)

In the annual Halloween show Dan interviews his aunt Meryl, a 50-something woman who eats sweets like she's five. She uses her dog to score candy and equates animal crackers to cereal. Plus callers debate cereal sans milk. More


Candy Bar Eating Technique (Ep 108)

We cover the best ways to consume perforated bars like Hershey's and Kit Kats, log-shaped bars like Snickers, and flat bars like Nestle Crunch. Ever break Hershey bar rectangle into... More


Best of The Sporkful: Easter (Ep 103)

Last week we heard Mark's favorite 2011 episode. This week, Dan's favorite of the year, where we talk about the foods of Easter with Win Rosenfeld. Secrets are unmasked about... More


Halloween 2011 (Ep 94)

This week we're talking about a number of key candy issues with special guests in time for Halloween. You'll hear from a Colorado-based Eater whose highly comprehensive candy treatise is... More


A Sporkful Eater’s Candy Manifesto

Gabe, a Sporkful Eater in Colorado, e-mailed us an unusually long, detailed and sometimes explicit set of thoughts on candy and other treats commonly given out for Halloween. It caught... More


Chocolate Chip Cookies (Ep 91)

Dan and Mark explore ideal chocolate chip cookie size, grip, chip structure, dunking and even grilling cookies. Dan tells the story of a long-running cookie mystery that ends in about... More


Ice Cream Toppings (Ep 80)

Our latest Slate videodoes wild experiments involving ice cream cones. It got us thinking about a previous episode about topping ice cream. In it, we debate the merits of toppings... More