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Listen To Your Chocolate–It Can Tell You How Good It Is

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Sep 09, 2014
Listen To Your Chocolate–It Can Tell You How Good It Is

Most of us know what chocolate tastes like. But have you ever paid attention to what it sounds like?

Listen carefully and it will tell you its secrets.

In this episode of The Sporkful, Madre Chocolate's Nat Bletter, PhD, explains that you can tell a chocolate's quality by the sound it makes when you break it. A crisp snap means the chocolate is well tempered, so it retains its glossy finish and won't melt on your fingers as easily. If, upon breaking, the chocolate sounds meek and sad, it's probably poorly-tempered. That means it's less durable and likely to accumulate that unattractive white dust on its exterior.

Nat also delineates three types of chocolate eaters: melters (who let it melt in their mouths), chompers (who bite into it), and chomelters (a hybrid of the two). Nat says different chocolate bars are made for different styles, so if you know your type you'll know your chocolate.

(Side note: We're giving away free Madre Chocolate! You just have to be on our mailing list by October 3. Sign up here. We won't bug you too much, promise. Full contest rules below.)

And Nat's not the only food supernerd on this week's show. I also talk with Jeff Potter, author of Cooking For Geeks, about how our brains play tricks on our tongues, and Coco Krumme, an MIT behavioral economist, about why charging more for wine can make it taste better.

It's the geekiest, nerdiest Sporkful ever! Moreso than usual, I'm the dumbest person in this show.

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Photo: Flickr CC / John Loo

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