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The Ever-Elusive Perfect Thanksgiving Bite

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Nov 21, 2015

Thanksgiving is the best eating event ever, but it comes with its share of deliciousness challenges. Namely, how on earth do you get all the components of the classic meal into your mouth at once, while maintaining flavor balance and structure? Eater Rebecca, from Cleveland, shares her strategy for attaining the perfectly-composed Thanksgiving bite:

"Start with a piece of skin from the turkey, crispy but not burnt, then a piece of turkey, white meat with a dab of cranberry on the bottom. It goes on the bottom to reduce the risk of cross concranination. I like my cranberry sauce on my turkey, not my vegetables or starch. Next would come the stuffing. Just a few cubes of bread and a tiny sliver of celery should do. Gravy. Two green beans place in an “X” or “+” or three or four piece of corn; one for each prong on your fork. Potato, a single scalloped one or a dab of mashed. If both* are present the scalloped first then the mashed. Gravy. This would be finished with a piece of roll. While butter is optional, if present it would go on the bottom.

*An alternate to this would be to have the scalloped potato as the very first item on the fork to add stability. Everything else would remain the same." 

Thanks, Rebecca. This deserves a standing ovation -- if we can stand up after all of our Thanksgiving feasting! What are your strategies for the perfect bite? Let us know in the comments.

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Photo by Selena N. B. H.

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