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Bonus: The Very First Sporkful Ever

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Jan 07, 2016

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The Sporkful is a disappointed spouse.

Last January our big five-year anniversary rolled around, but we totally forgot to celebrate with the show. (Sorry honey, we'll make it up to you somehow!)

So this year we're marking our sixth anniversary with a bang. We're re-releasing the first-ever episode!!

Longtime listeners know that The Sporkful has a storied history that starts well before we joined the WNYC Studios family in 2014. We have more than 150 episodes in deep freeze, which are not currently publicly available. (We may let them out some day, but there are no plans for them right now.) We dipped into that archive to bring you this show.

So how has The Sporkful changed over all those years?


Back in the day Dan and former co-host Mark Garrison (above right) kicked off that landmark first episode with a heated debate (pun intended!) about the best way to reheat a leftover Cuban sandwich.

"How do you get the bread to be crispy and the inside to be hot and melty?" Dan asks, before proposing an unorthodox top-of-the-toaster warming technique that may or may not violate fire code. "One of the things I put a lot of effort into is reheating foods in adverse circumstances."

Sound familiar?


The rest of the episode digs deep on ice cubes -- from ice cube economics in fancy cocktail bars to optimal ice cube shape (not actually a cube!).

"If you don't have uniformity in your ice cubes then you have no fundamental shape that you're standing for -- you have no philosophy," Dan argues. "You're basically an ice nihilist...and then you're going to charge me $12 for a drink?"


After six years of inflation -- it's more like $15, Dan. But we love your passion!

Turn back the clock to 2010 and listen in to the full episode to hear more discussion of ice cube philosophy and engineering --including some radical ice cube innovations that helped to advance iced coffee technology.

Listen through the player or iTunes/Podcasts app. (And please subscribe!)

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This is a rebroadcast of an earlier episode with some new material

Photos: FlickrCC/Sara Stasi, FlickrCC/Sher Yip, FlickrCC/kathryn

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