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Coming Out At Christmas With My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart

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Dec 07, 2015

This week's episode of The Sporkful podcast is up! Listen through the player or iTunes/Podcasts app. (And please subscribe!)

**Warning: This episode contains some explicit language.

A few years ago, to cheer up a friend, Hannah Hart made a video of herself cooking while getting drunk -- a sort of mock cooking show. She put it online. Her friends shared it around and encouraged her to make more.

Fast forward five years -- My Drunk Kitchen is a best-selling cookbook of the same name, and Hannah has 2.4 million YouTube followers.

And she's an LGBT role model for young people all over the world.


When Dan met up with Hannah at a hipstery taco joint in Los Angeles she demonstrated her revolutionary, napkin-less taco eating method, and they talked about what food to serve when you come out to your family and friends.

"Maybe I would do a rainbow plate -- like a presentation of fruits," she says. "And then just lots of fun music and tequila."

Hannah's cookbook also has some recipes for "coming out in the gayest way possible." She recommends serving rainbow cake and Skittles vodka:

But for Hannah, coming out wasn't as easy as baking a colorful cake. When she was growing up, her family was pretty religious. And she -- and her parents -- were in denial about her sexuality for a long time.

"I was a super self-hating gay for a long time," she says. "I told [my Dad] I was gay [when] I was 24…and he’s like -- you can choose not to act on it."

Listen to the full episode to hear Hannah's advice for holiday gatherings with family members who don't accept who you are.

Speaking of holiday parties -- Hannah admits that she loves to host but gets anxious before people come over.

"It makes me really nervous I'm not going to have enough stuff or that people aren't going to want that," she says. "What do people even want to snack on?! Ahhh!!"

Listen in for Dan's advice to Hannah on coping with pre-party anxiety -- it could change the way you host forever.

This week's episode of The Sporkful podcast is up! Listen through the player or iTunes/Podcasts app. (And please subscribe!)

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Photos: Courtesy of Hannah Hart

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