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My Food History Wasn’t Lost. It Was Stolen.

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Nov 04, 2019
A few years ago, Tommy Pico, a queer indigenous American poet, and lover of junk food, set out to learn how to cook. He wanted to get healthier, but also, he wanted a food culture to replace the one that was wiped out when the federal government forced his ancestors onto a reservation.
Rather than turn to the past to connect with that culture, Tommy turned to friends to build a new one. His new book FEED, an epic poem, is the result of that journey. Tommy and Dan chat about the horrors of airport vegetarian options (pesto-basil-mozzarella with soggy bread smh), what it’s like when the food you grow up with is connected to trauma, and how queerness and looking to the future creates an opportunity to make your own legacy. Tommy also reads his poem, I See The Fire That Burns Inside You.
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Photo courtesy of Tommy Pico.

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