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“You Can’t Hate Yourself Constantly” Says Comic Fortune Feimster

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Mar 02, 2020
“You Can’t Hate Yourself Constantly” Says Comic Fortune Feimster

"I've always been a fan of food," comedian Fortune Feimster says in her new stand up special, "Sweet and Salty." She joined the swim team in grade school just for the snacks.

As a chubby kid who became a chubby adult, she often played her body for laughs. But in recent years her approach to both comedy and food has evolved.

In this week's podcast, Fortune talks about struggling to hold back when you really love to eat. She also shares the lesson she learned from her grandmother, and tells the story of the meatball sliders that almost made her and her fiance break up.

And she and Dan talk about the white chocolate coconut cake that Tom Cruise is known to send to people he works with:

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