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Ronny Chieng Roasts Everything But Restaurants

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Jan 06, 2020
Ronny Chieng Roasts Everything But Restaurants

Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng’s recurring segment is called “Everything Is Stupid,” and you could say that’s the theme of his stand-up, too. His bits are often grumpy and caustic. But the one thing he won’t call out as stupid is a restaurant. It takes a lot of risk to open one, he says, “and for you to just, you know, shit on a place because they don’t have enough napkins or something” is not his style. This week, Ronny chats with Dan about his love of restaurants, Singapore's hawker centers,  Malaysian food, and Singaporean food.

Check out Ronny Cheng's new special, Asian Comedian Destroys America!, on Netflix.

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Photos: Courtesy of Dan Pashman/The Sporkful.

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