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Chicago Tribune food writer Kevin Pang reveals his top ten favorite sausages, from Chinese lap cheong to Lil' Smokies. Plus we debate whether hot dogs are a type of sausage.

I try chicken feet and a dessert soup called tang yuan with some passionate eaters who are defying stereotypes of Asian-Americans.

Slate's L.V. Anderson joins Dan to debate ideal ramen cooking methods and to explain what curly hair can teach you about ramen. Plus Dan introduces several new techniques for ramen preparation.

What's the best way to pick up, dip and eat dumplings? What's the ideal dough thickness? And is the term "dumpling" applied to too many foods? Plus, could soup dumpling soup be better than soup dumplings? All this and more this week on The Sporkful! Get it through iTunes or stream it here. Photo: Flickr CC / KFoodaddict

Matt in Wilmington, Delaware, shares this: Hey Guys, Great shows lately, especially with the online German food coverage. I just wanted to share my personal view from my laptop image...I had some baby back ribs left over from the other day and cut off the meat and combined it with hot beef ramen, for a BBQ'd asian fusion masterpiece. I washed

When we give guests our special Proust-style food questionnaire, included is the question, "Name one food that is not improved by the addition of either melted cheese or hot fudge." We asked this question of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow when she joined us, and her answer was "rice." That response stirred listener Sam from South Korea's fertile mind: I've been thinking