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I like light beer. I believe there's a time and place for every beer, and light beer is no exception. But their ad campaigns could use some work. I have suggestions.

Here's a photo of the aftermath of a recent party at my neighbor's house. I love that they sprung for PREMIUM Beast. What does this choice say about them?

After talking granola on NY Public Radio, I took host Amy Eddings' 60-Second Stir Fry challenge, a video series of rapid fire questions about food trends, preferences, and whatever else Amy throws at you. Watch it!

Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune, aka "The Beer Chicks," join us to expand our beer knowledge. They'll talk about how to pick a beer bar, women in the beer world and more. Plus, Hallie and Christina react to Dan's defense of light beer. /mark Get it on iTunes or stream it here. Photo: Flickr CC / eprater

While in Germany last year (Sporkful eps, blog posts and more about Germany collected here), I lived in the region where the beer style called Koelsch dominates. We do get Koelsch in the States (it's one of the styles I wrote up in Slate), but generally only from a few producers. There are dozens more in Cologne and I had

This week, Sporkful again comes to you from a bar, Commodorein Brooklyn. We're back with bartender Yasmin Reshamwala, this time talking about what bar lessons we can use outside the bar. We'll talk about making drinks at home, of course, but also dealing with people, from the nice ones you want to date, to the drunk ones you just want