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We cook up a Diwali feast with a Trinidadian mother and daughter and discuss straddling cultures with the Indian-American DJ who introduced a blend of hip hop and Punjabi folk music to the club scene.

Everyone focuses on how and what kids should eat. But parents are hungry too. Dan talks to former congressman Anthony Weiner, Hillary Frank and Arun Venugopal about eating while parenting.

Dan and Mark reach into the Sporkful inbox (hit us upanytime - we read 'em all) to respond to Eater e-mail, including an attempt to convert a Sporkful hater into a lover. Also, we explore wisdom and opinion from Eaters on Buffalo/chicken wing nomenclature and tuna salad crunch enhancement. Photo: Flickr CC / corsinet

This is a big one, folks, our Second Annual Thanksgiving Show! Because Thanksgiving is such a food-centric holiday, we've pledged to do a Thanksgiving show every year, each time with a different guest and focusing on a different aspect of the holiday. It started last year with a conversationabout brining your turkey and cooking the bird upside down. This year