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kenji lopez-alt

Last week we talked hibachi and why it's complicated. This week, we take your questions and discuss, with friends-of-the-show and cookbook authors Kenji López-Alt and Nicole Taylor.

In cooking and eating, sound is the forgotten sense. But you can tell whether you're cutting scallions correctly, or how good your chocolate is, by the sounds they make.

We explore Star Wars food with The Food Lab's Kenji Lopez-Alt, Nerdette's Greta Johnsen, and the recipe developer behind Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Jello Mold.

Two friends call in for help settling a long-running feud, and Kenji Lopez-Alt explains the science of burgers taken to go.

A neuroscientist calls in to debate the geometry of pizza, and food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt explains how woodworking can help us make a better bagel and cream cheese.