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Lobsters have been a mystery to scientists and fishermen for years. Researchers have puzzled over how to determine their age, and how they reproduce. This week we look for answers.

In 1988, 6 women in Massachusetts concocted a lobster roll recipe so appetizing, people travel by land, air, and sea to taste it. Dan travels to the island of Martha's Vineyard to uncover the secret.

I set out to learn all about cooking in a dishwasher, with help from a woman who wrote a book on the topic and a friend who's willing to destroy my dishwasher in the name of science. Click through for the video.

Watch the video of Dan's crazy dishwasher cooking experiments, and see step-by-step photos of one of the successes--butter-poached lobster tail. Cooking in your dishwasher isn't just for salmon anymore.

The Sporkful

It's the logical conclusion of Dan and Mark's toast series: butter. Various butter modifications and delivery systems are discussed and debated, including bread, toast and lobster.     Photo: Flickr CC / joeshlabotnik