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I Made Delicious Butter-Poached Lobster in my Dishwasher. In Your Face, Thomas Keller. (VIDEO)

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Aug 13, 2013

You may have heard of dishwasher salmon, which has been out there for a while. Well in the above video, my friend Skeeter and I take dishwasher cooking to a whole other level, experimenting with everything from Korean beef to poached pears to--you guessed it--lobster tail.

Years ago, famous chef Thomas Keller's butter-poached lobster became an institution at his famous restaurant, the French Laundry. Well I recently moved to the suburbs, which means just like Thomas Keller, I too have a laundry machine.

When Keller wrote, "Butter-poached lobster is extremely versatile," I don't know that he had this approach in mind. Nonetheless, I was quite pleased with my dishwasher lobster tail. (The one pictured below is my second attempt, incorporating what I learned in the video.)

Get even more detail on dishwasher cooking in this week's episode of The Sporkful podcast, and in the video above.

And here's how you too can use your dishwasher to be as awesome as Thomas Keller...

Start with the defrosted (or better yet, never frozen) tail of a 1.25-1.5 pound lobster.

Remove the shell and vein, and split it in half the long way.

Seal it in a glass jar with a stick of unsalted butter. Make sure it's sealed really, really tightly!

Place it in the dishwasher right alongside your dirty dishes. (Again, just make sure it's SEALED.)

I ran mine through a heavy duty cycle, which tops out at 140 degrees. If your normal cycle hits 155 or 160, you'll probably be fine with that.

Put it on a plate, and keep the drawn butter handy for dipping. Not that this lobster needs more butter. It's just about as buttery delicious as you can imagine.

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