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We follow one woman through a year of eating disorder recovery, as she struggles to fulfill her new year's resolution to eat without fear.

Dan and his wife Janie are both white and Jewish, both raised in the NY area. In many ways it's an easy fit. But not so much with food. In part four of Your Mom's Food, they talk about navigating the tension.

When a meat-and-potatoes white girl falls in love with an Indian vegetarian, what food will be their food? And how will their families feel about their choices?

Can you experience total food joy when you're always afraid that your next bite could make you sick? Our look at life with food allergies continues.

The comedian reflects on his experiences with race as a restaurant customer, including the pros and cons of dining out when you're in an interracial marriage.

Two couples call in to settle longstanding food disputes. But are these marital spats really just about leftovers and dessert? Dan and Serious Eats' Kenji Lopez-Alt get to the bottom of it.