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office eating

One Sporkful listener speaks up in defense of office potlucks.

Slate's Mike Pesca and I discuss what you can tell about a workplace based on the kitchen. Then I offer Mike a detailed critique of his sandwich construction methods.

I talk to a guy who used a Freedom of Information Act request to pry open the CIA cafeteria suggestion box. It turns out even spies hate stale bread. Plus, the unwritten rules of office potlucks.

Your philosophy about how a communal fridge should be used says a lot about how you think society should function. This week on the podcast, listeners call in to express contrasting perspectives.

It’s Elkhart, Indiana, 2001. Two inches of Heather Coleman's turkey club disappear from her office fridge. The thief is nowhere to be found. And Heather’s life will never be the same.

Dan and guest Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune cover most over- and underrated options. You'll be shocked by where Dan places the sandwich. Plus, a caller offers useful advice on navigating restaurant choices.