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Dan sits down with the man behind "Eat It," "Fat," "My Balogna," "I Love Rocky Road," and so many other classic food-related parody songs. This is a special one, Eaters.

Joe Latham of Idaho called in to The Sporkful with a problem. He hates onions, but his mom is cooking for eight kids and can't handle special requests, so there are onions in his food. I gave him my advice. What's yours?

After resolving to eat more butter in 2011 and more grilled red onions in 2012, it's time for me to unveil my 2013 New Year's Food Resolution. What's yours?

Following up on last week's omelet show, we tackle the ingredients of omelets (or omelettes if you prefer). How many should you use? What are the best choices and combos? We discuss all that and more. Photo: Flickr CC / sketch22

In this week's episode we consider the breading, dipping and bite technique of onion rings. Naturally, sculptor Isamu Noguchiis part of the conversation. Photo: Flickr CC / katerha

See the full gallery on Posterous Hello Eaters, Sporkful is going Transatlantic for a few weeks. I'm in Germany on a Burns Fellowship to do journalism here and improve my German. But fear not, Dan and I being on different continents won't slow down The Sporkful. I've got recording equipment, so we'll continue recording new episodes via tape sync. And we