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Please Help a 16-Year-Old Eater Who Must Learn to Love Onions

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Jun 24, 2013

On last week's episode of The Sporkful featuring Weird Al Yankovic, I also took a call from 16-year-old Eater Joe Latham of Post Falls, Idaho. (Listen to the call above.)

Joe has a problem with onions. He hates them. For years his mother has told him that when he got older, he'd acquire a taste for them. But now he's getting worried that may never happen.

On top of that, he's got seven siblings, so his mom can't handle special requests. That means there are onions in his food. One of his sisters says he'll never find a wife who cooks without onions.

So Joe is facing quite a predicament. Listen to the call (above) to hear my advice. What's yours?

Photo: Flickr CC / Jenn Durfey

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