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Sebastian Maniscalco’s First Stage Was The Dinner Table

The comedian is irritated by almost everything — from bad check splitters to people who bring food to his house.

How Dr. Jessica B. Harris Redefined American Food

The work of Dr. Jessica B. Harris has redefined the mainstream history of American food. Now a Netflix adaptation of her book has brought her scholarship to a whole new audience.

Can I Wipe My Oily Hands On My Legs?

Drew Magary and David Roth of Defector Media help solve your food disputes.

Alton Brown Keeps A Scrambled Egg Journal

The Food Network star joins Dan to talk about the best way to eat popcorn, the relative merits of forks and knives, and how his divorce changed the way he cooks.

Alton Brown Eats Eggs Over The Sink In His Underwear

Today we nerd out Sporkful style with Food Network star Alton Brown on everything from scrambled eggs to popcorn to how his recent divorce changed the way he cooks and eats.

Is It OK To Eat All Your Popcorn Before The Movie Starts?

The Sporkful Family Food Court is back in session. Listeners call in with disputes over when to eat movie popcorn and whether eating salad dressing makes you an adult.