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How Dr. Jessica B. Harris Redefined American Food

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Aug 02, 2021
How Dr. Jessica B. Harris Redefined American Food

Over the course of fifty years and a dozen books, Dr. Jessica B. Harris has uncovered the ways that West African food, and African American people, have fundamentally shaped American cuisine. In 2011, when she published her book High on the Hog, this link had received little attention. Today it’s getting more recognition, including with a new Netflix series inspired by Dr. Harris’s book. We talk with her about her own journey in making these connections between West Africa and America, and she offers advice to the new generation of Black scholars and writers exploring these links: “Look ahead. What do you see ahead?”

Dr. Harris also published a memoir, My Soul Looks Back, in 2017. And check out High on the Hog host Stephen Satterfield's other projects, Whetstone Magazine and Whetstone Radio Collective.

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